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Kodak DC 280 Zoom Digital Camera

This review is based on a pre-production camera and as such the final version of the camera may differ slightly from the details of this review. The DC obviously shares its body with a few styling changes with the DC and is a dc280 zoom digital camera progression from that camera. With a few "quirks", and some great ergonomic touches.


Kodak seem to have made some interesting choices with this camera, it seems to be dc280 zoom digital camera at the "keen amateur digital photographer", features are enough to keep you occupied but not quite enough for the dc280 zoom digital camera. Kodak also introduce an interesting 30mm - 60mm zoom lens giving you only 2 x zoom but from a relatively wide angle to a pretty-good-for-portraits 60mm. Although it's not that "fast" at F3. Back to home page Return to top. Used.

Buy it now - Add to Watch list Added to your Watch list. Light Sensitivity. ISO Max.

Self-Timer Delay. Exposure Parameters Exposure Metering. High Points.

Dc280 zoom digital camera Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera offers small business owners and consumers the benefits of a larger file size with the simplicity of a point-and-shoot design. Based on Kodak's previous small-office, home-office model, this digicam is small enough for a briefcase or large purse, and convenient enough to carry to your next meeting or family gathering. The DC's 2.

KODAK DC/DC Zoom Digital Camera User's Guide-

At its highest quality setting, the DC produces image files large enough to dc280 zoom digital camera high-quality 8 x inch photographic prints. The lowest quality settings are suitable for Web publishing and sharing photographs over the Internet. The zoom control toggle on top allows you to quickly zoom in on your subject, with a standard focusing range of 20 inches 0. A Macro close-up feature adds the flexibility of focusing on small subjects at relatively dc280 zoom digital camera distances-from 10 to 20 inches 0. The 3X digital zoom affords even closer inspection of your subject, with the ability to select zoom ratios in 0.

As a general rule, we suggest readers avoid using the digital zoom, as it represents digital enlargement of the center CCD pixels, rather than true optical magnification. We should note, however, that unlike digital cameras that simply crop the image to a smaller size, the DC resamples the images in-camera, so they always have the same pixel dimensions you originally selected from the menu system; and because the images are dc280 zoom digital camera in real dc280 zoom digital camera on the LCD, you can view the enlargement immediately on the LCD monitor. Note: At high digital zoom magnifications, the DC's LCD display goes from "soft" to very blurry, making precise framing difficult at the maximum 3X setting.

The camera's molded plastic body measures 5.

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It has a silver dc280 zoom digital camera gray metallic finish on the front, with a black handgrip that wraps around the right side of the camera and blends into a solid black coating on the back. Both the power switch and shutter button on top of the camera are readily accessible, without undo reaching or having to adjust your grip on the camera. Battery life depends significantly on age, usage conditions, type, brand, and camera.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Verified Purchase. Have you ever taken Kodachrome slides - the color saturation is upped a little, as is the contrast; everything is a little realer than real. And why not.


Kodak has had most of a century learning how to reproduce color, and they have applied it to their new-fangled digital cameras. You will not believe what you see on the screen of your computer monitor - can a digital camera really be this good? This dc280 zoom digital camera is based on a pre-production camera and as such the final version of the Kodak DC 2MP Digital Camera w/ 2x Optical Zoom. The DC Zoom fits into the new Kodak line of digital cameras just below the recently announced DC, the DC has a 30mm - 60mm (2x) zoom lens, megapixel CCD and a host of built-in features designed to satisify the medium-level digital camera enthusiasts.

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