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Whippy Tempomaster - any drawbacks?

I am very sorry for not have written to you earlier but I do Still enjoy playing about with The Whippy's on the range more than writing letters. Thank you very much for sending me the clubs and video. Whippy tempomaster will be pleased to know that they are being used every single day for some tempo practice and I am convinced that it is doing me a lot of good. I "scraped it around" all day long and honestly did not hit a single shot square. The only way I scored was being adept on that day of getting up and down. Some of the most satisfying rounds that I have had were those in which I did not score well, but struck the ball extremely whippy tempomaster from tee to green.

There is still not anything, more sausrying than striking a fee ShUL L! JaL flies Z75 to yurdo down the middle with a slight draw. To me, and I' II bet to you, that is the fun of the game, hitting shots well. Scoring comes and goes. Many of us will never have the time to play enough golf to score like a pro.

But, by learning to swing The Whippy TempoMaster and developing a golf swing with a true centrifugal method of applying power, we can at least learn to strike the whippy tempomaster well. And we can maintain this swing at home by hitting whiffle balls or just swinging the club on a daily basis while watching TV. I hope that you will be able to avoid the whippy tempomaster to dismiss The Whippy TempoMaster as a gimmick or a joke because it feels so strange and you have not been able to hit it well. If you cannot strike the ball well with The Whippy TempoMaster, it is because you have not achieved a true golf swing.

A "hitter" can never strike a ball well with The Whippy TempoMaster. You will probably see immediate improvement in how you strike the ball once you begin using The Whippy TempoMaster. But whippy tempomaster stop with that.


It may take months or even years to convert your method of striking a golf ball to a true swinging type motion, but it can be done, and please do not give up on The Whippy TempoMaster. Several times I came close to giving up, but I did not, and I whippy tempomaster so grateful that I didn't.

Whippy Tempomaster Tips and Drills

Unfortunately, some of whippy tempomaster people who purchase The Whippy TempoMaster give up on it at a very early stage. Maybe it is because the learning process is too painful for them. Maybe it is because they are impatient. Maybe it is because The Whippy tempomaster TempoMaster unmercifully points out the glaring deficiencies in their swings.


It does not really matter. What do you have to lose?

Is it worth it? Worth what?

whippy tempomaster Is it worth having whippy tempomaster swing that rivals touring pros? A swing one can take to the course with confidence? There is no way that I can express to you the satisfaction that you will have when you know that you will make square contact with nearly every shot. You do not mind knocking a ball over a green or missing it to the right or left if the shot was struck solid.

Whippy Tempomaster Tips and Drills Golf Stroke Mechanics Sports

It is so much fun to know that after nearly every tee shot the chance for a birdie still exists, and if you do not get this one, there will certainly be other chances before the round is over. OK, So you may never be a pro golfer.That's why The Whippy TempoMaster was invented. It is the most flexible whippy tempomaster training club you will ever use that you will actually hit balls with. NEW!

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The Whippy TempoMaster Elite Driver. This new driver is a hybrid of the original Whippy cc driver and the cc driver. We have tested the cc whippy tempomaster.

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