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Sybase The application and driver code bases must be granted security permissions in the security policy file of the Java 2 Platform as shown in the following example.

Where can I get a JDBC driver for SQL Server?

DB2 v9. The database server must be running one of the following databases: DB2: DB2 v8. The client must be administered by the same domain controller that administers the database server and weblogic sql server jdbc be running on one of the following operating systems: Windows Vista Windows Server Windows XP Service Pack 1 or higher Windows Service Pack 4 or higher Windows NT 4. Legal Notices. Book List. Contact Us. Linked 5. See Performance Considerations for more information about using tnsnames. See the following sections for more details:. See Performance Considerations for more weblogic sql server jdbc about using tnsnames. See the following sections for more details:.

Databases and java drivers - ConfiDoc - Vertuna WIKI

ApplicationName The name of the application to be stored in the database. Default: empty string Data Type: String Alias: ProgramName property AuthenticationMethod Determines which authentication method the driver uses when establishing a connection. Default: BulkLoadOptions Enables options of the bulk load protocol of which the driver can take advantage. The following list describes the value and the corresponding option that is enabled: weblogic sql server jdbc The KeepIdentity option preserves identity values.

If 0, all the options are disabled. ConnectionRetryCount The number of times the driver retries connection attempts to the primary database server, and if specified, alternate servers until a successful connection is established. If 0, the driver does not try to reconnect after the initial unsuccessful attempt. weblogic sql server jdbc

Default: 5 seconds Data Type: int ConnectionRetryDelay The number of seconds the driver waits weblogic sql server jdbc connection retry attempts when ConnectionRetryCount is set to a positive integer. If 0, the driver does not delay between retries.

Default: 1 second Data Type: int ConvertNull Controls how data conversions are handled for null values. Valid Values: 0 1 If 1, the driver checks the data type being requested against the data type of the table column storing the data.

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DatabaseName The name of the database to which you want to connect. Weblogic sql server jdbc None Alias: Database property. Default: noDescribe Data Type: String EnableBulkLoad Specifies whether the driver uses the native bulk load protocols in the database instead of the batch mechanism for batch inserts.

Valid Values: true false If truethe driver uses the native bulk load protocols for batch inserts. If falsethe driver uses the batch weblogic sql server jdbc for batch inserts. Default: false Data Type: boolean EnableCancelTimeout Determines whether a cancel request sent as the result of a query timing out is subject to the same query timeout value as the statement it cancels. Valid Values: true false If truethe cancel request times out using the same timeout value, in seconds, that is set for the statement weblogic sql server jdbc cancels.

If falsethe cancel request does not time out.


Default: false Data Type: boolean EncryptionMethod Determines whether data is encrypted and decrypted when it is transmitted weblogic sql server jdbc the network between the driver and database server. Any value set by the PacketSize property is ignored. Default: noEncryption Data Type: String FailoverGranularity Determines whether the driver fails the entire failover process or continues with the process if exceptions occur while trying to reestablish a lost connection. Valid Values: nonAtomic atomic atomicWithRepositioning disableIntegrityCheck If set to nonAtomicthe driver continues with the failover process and posts any exceptions on the statement on which they occur.

weblogic sql server jdbc Valid Values: connect extended select If set to connectthe driver provides failover protection for new connections only. NOTES: The AlternateServers property specifies one or multiple alternate servers for failover and is required for all failover methods.

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Default: connect Data Type: String FailoverPreconnect Specifies whether the driver tries to connect to the primary and an alternate server at the same time. Valid Values: true false If set to truethe driver weblogic sql server jdbc to connect to the primary and an alternate server at the same time. If unspecified, the driver does not validate the host name in the certificate. The default is an empty string.


ImportStatementPool Specifies the path and file name of the file weblogic sql server jdbc be used to load the contents of the statement pool.The Oracle Type 4 JDBC MS SQL Server driver (the subject of this chapter) replaces the WebLogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server, which is deprecated. WebLogic Type 4 JDBC drivers are installed with WebLogic Server in the WL_HOME For DB2: ; For Informix: ; For MS SQL Server: .

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