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Intersystems Cache’ database - SAP Q&A

To use the data set, you generally examine it one row at a time. To advance to the next row, you use the Next method; typically you iterate through all the rows until you intersystems cache odbc the end, when Next returns 0.

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The Next method also returns 0 if an error occurs. DisplayError sc quit While res.

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GetData 1" "res. GetData 2" "res. The overall procedure is as follows:.


About rows of data are loaded before the same Error as above shows up, and it stops loading any more rows. This is why I'm thinking there is bad data. This log is for troubleshooting; you should not turn logging on during normal operation as it will dramatically slow down Intersystems cache odbc performance. The ODBC query timeout setting specifies how long a client should wait for a specific intersystems cache odbc to finish.

Retrieving data Log In. I think I was able to trace down where the error is coming from, but I do not know how to debug or fix the error. However, what do you do when you need to access intersystems cache odbc external database? In this article, my goal is to answer the following questions to help you familiarize yourself with the technology and debug some common problems. Most of my classes are mapped from Globals. I have been trying to pull data through a linked server in SSMS from an InterSystem Cache Database for a while, this is to enable us to join the data to other source systems in our Data Warehouse. It appears it must be included in the SQL-visible classes first. I've to extract the data from Intersystems Cache database using Data Services 3.

Can anyone worked on this database. A bit ODBC connection is working from a different Server R2 server, the only difference being that it uses driver version I also uninstalled the bit driver and tried driver version After you have created the DSN, you can use the Test Connection button to see if your intersystems cache odbc source is working correctly. The Ping button attempts to ping the DSN host machine intersystems cache odbc the number of times specified in the Times field. It provides information so that the driver manager can locate and connect to an available DSN, including the path of the ODBC client driver required for that particular connection.

It defines the DSNs and optionally includes login credentials for them. The ODBC client drivers use this information.

Objectscript - Unexpected SQL error returns in Intersystems Cache - Stack Overflow

Protocol combinations are specified by adding individual numbers. Name and Location of the Initialization File. The initialization file can have any name, but, typically, it is called. Already intersystems cache odbc member? Using this information, the client driver connects to the specified database. We can mow through the whole thing in a couple of minutes.

A non-indexed, complex query may take a day, though that is understandable.I would like to download odbc drivers for Cache database to be able to install it on our SQL server. I am trying to create a linked server to Cache database. I couldn't find a link for the drivers, there was one post with FTP reference to download but it doesn't seem to work. Caché Language Bindings and Gateways > Using Caché with ODBC > Using an InterSystems Creating a DSN with the ODBC Data Source Administrator. intersystems cache odbc

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