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It contains few identified indicators and is more the reflection of the company's commitment and philosophy than of results. Only those activities linked to promoting the objectives associated with societal responsibility are the subject of a table followed by indicators. The total number of Arabic books published by this institution is 53, but some of them are in four to lx17m monitor volumes.

When the matter of the bequest was before the Government Sir A. Hydari Nawab Hydar Nawaz Jung Bahadur the then Financial Secretary, now Minister of Finance, in a long note oil the subject, referred to the importance lx17m monitor the gift and emphasised the unique opportunity that had been thus afforded for the establishment of an Observatory at Hyderaliad, for the cultivation of the science of astronomy. Tlie suggestion was adopted, and on II.

Chatwood was. The photographic equa- torial was erected by the beginning of 1 when the formal dedication of the Observatory took place.


There was some delay in commencing regular work with this telescope as some of the parts had to be returned to England for necessary alterations and a suitable following telescope had to be constructed afresh. By the time Mr. Focock succeeded to the Directorship and vigorously pushed on the astronomical work that the Observatory had undertaken, with the result that substantial progress was achieved in lx17m monitor branches under his direction. His death occurred in October and by that time two lx17m monitor of results were collected and published.

In Novemberthe Observatory was transferred to the Osmania University and placed under the administrative control of the University Council.

Monitors-NEC from BIS REPETITA for wholesale at

To these has recently been added two Milne-Shaw Seismographs now temporarily erected in the basement room of the Astrographic Equatorial house. Lx17m monitor work— At the lx17m monitor the Observatory was established, it was felt that whatever w'ork is carried on at the institution should form part of a systematic plan and should possess considerable scientific value. Instead of diverting attention among a number of individual isolated researches, the policy of the Observatory had been to adopt a middle course, by carrying on, as a routine programme some outstanding piece of work, in which the co-operation of the institution would to some extent contribute to the general advancement of science at the same time without losing sight of the number of special investigations that arise having a bearing on the central subject.

When the Obsei-vatory was ready to start on regular work it was recommended by the eminent astronomers, Sir David fiill, Prof. The region is now very nearly complete and the preliminary results of about half the section have been published.


With the Grubb Equatorial erected ina start has been made with the regular observation of a few variable stars, specially near their minima when observations lx17m monitor this telescope, on account of the larger light gathering power, are particularly valuable. The Transit Instrument is employed for determining clock corrections systematically and when the necessary apparatus is required, it is proposed to control the time gun at Hyderabad by means of signals from the Observatory Standard Clock. Daily records arc obtained with the Seismograph since September 9, 1 The results arc forwarded to the International Seismological Association.

I to VI forms the most important among the publications of the Observatory. A part consists lx17m monitor publications of other observatories received as exchanges. P, Bhaskaran, m.


The Matriculation Examination shall be held once a year at Hyderabad, Lx17m monitor, Gulburga, Warangal and Bhopal al such time and on such date as the Syndicate may prescribe. The examination shall be open ho : — i All those who have satisfactorily prosecuted a regular course of study for this examination at one or more High Schools recognised by the Osmania University.

Such candidates shall be named pupil candidates. Such students will have to appear in Eng- lish only and in tlie case of those who have passed in the Munshi Examination, in Islamic Theology or Morals also, on passing in which subject or subjects they will be considered to have passed in the whole of the examination. No candidate shall be admitted to the Matriculation Examination unless he sloall have completed the age of fifteen years by the first day of Shahrewar July of lx17m monitor year in which he applies for admission to the examination.17" NEC LX17M VGA x LCD Monitor w/Speakers (Silver) General Features: inch screen size; x resolution; TFT LCD display; 17" NEC LX17M x LCD Monitor w/Speakers (Silver) - A x resolution; TFT LCD display; cd/m² brightness; contrast ratio; M.

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