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If you like it, there is more to come, so let us know! Hello, please do not create Labview vxi VI, or maximum as an additional option. The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation.


Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Some of the complexity of GPIB drivers and software is also avoided. Some virtual memory systems, such as using the AT-MXI under Windows NT, do not have the capability for a user process to access the labview vxi memory directly. In such systems, VXImemAlloc returns a value of 1, which indicates that the user address returned is not directly accessible by the user process. The user address is actually the kernel virtual address of the allocated shared memory.

It is a high-level driver that calls the lower-level drivers for each instrument. NET, and C. Conclusion 1. What is VISA? For example, use the CWVISA property labview vxi to interactively find and communicate with your instruments, uncover interface problems, or verify communication with your instrument during design time. The resource name specifies the exact name and location of the VISA resource. The CVI Conversion will begin to run, displaying the status in a small window, for the instrument selected. Please enter the characters shown in the image case-sensitive.

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Configuration labview vxi Mac OS X. This small added insertion loss varies as a function of design style, operating frequency and even from one manufacturer to the next. Theoretical Power Splitting Losses No.

VXI - National Instruments

VSWR, or voltage standing wave ratio, is a measure of how well the components of the RF network are matched in impedance. When the impedances are improperly matched, you lose signal power, which results in weak transmissions, poor reception or both. Maximum power transfer between two system components occurs when their respective impedances are matched. If the impedances are not identical, some RF power will be reflected labview vxi, resulting in a reduction in the amount of power delivered to the load. These reflections cause voltage standing waves. VSWR is defined as the ratio of the maximum voltage to the minimum voltage in the standing wave.

The larger the impedance mismatch, the larger the amplitude of the standing wave. A perfect impedance match would cause no voltage standing wave, so the ratio of the maximum voltage to the minimum would be 1 This includes the coaxial cables that are used to interconnect the devices. These devices include multiplexers, bandpass filters, duplexers, low-noise amplifiers, combiners, power amplifiers etc. Although the concept of VSWR is easy to comprehend, it is extremely difficult to measure directly.

VME eXtensions for Instrumentation

Return loss labview vxi the difference in labview vxi expressed in dB between the incident power and the power reflected back by the load due to a mismatch. It can be measured directly in dB with a Spectrum Analyzer or Network Analyzer along with a few key components.


Conversely, labview vxi open circuit would reflect back all power, so the return loss would be zero. When dealing with return loss, the higher the value, the better the impedance match.

Substituting the load in question for the short circuit labview vxi the actual reflected power labview vxi be measured. The difference, in dB, between the power reflected with a short and the power reflected by the load at any given frequency becomes the RL for that frequency.

You also can use a time domain reflectometer to measure the labview vxi coefficient and apply that value to calculate VSWR. Z1 is not easily measured directly. The reflection coefficient is a voltage ratio and must be squared to be used for power calculations. It is sometimes easier to think of reflected power in terms of reflection coefficient than in return loss. Reflected power is equal to the incident power multiplied by the reflection coefficient squared. Also supports synching multiple chassis. This relay is typically normally open when power is removed, and the relay needs to be energized in order to connect the signal path.

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Timed alarms are the capability of an LXI instrument to schedule and perform a particular function at a specific time in the future. Part of the Labview vxi specification is intended to standardize on how instrumentation that uses Ethernet as the primary interface will use this technology to coordinate instruments, and in some cases, optimize test times One useful application of LXI timed alarms is the ability to coordinate instruments to perform tasks at scheduled times in the future.

One specific example would be to have many data acquisition devices trigger their acquisition at exactly the same time. Another labview vxi might be the labview vxi to output two of the same periodic waveforms from two DACs exactly degrees out of phase.VXI Tutorial The purpose of this application note is to help you gain an understanding of VXI and MXI concepts.

This application note is divided. This article contains VXI Controllers and the earliest version of the NI-VXI supported driver labview vxi various Operating Systems.

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