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What goes into the cost of a Mazda RX7? How would you differentiate this Fb rx7 daily car from other branded cars? There were things that gave me headaches on the first gen: Carburetor. By Juneit was all over.

Production ceased to make way for the all-new FC series RX-7, a blander, heavier, though more capable car powered exclusively by the 13b. Today, the first-generation RX-7 hasn't caught on in the collector market as the Datsun Z has, but that's good news for prospective purchasers, because prices remain low. The Turbos were pretty quick, and fun cars, fb rx7 daily big and heavy.

IIRC in 6. I'd say a RX-7 or would be more fun to auto-x, but they each have their issues.

1st gen as a nice daily driver? - - Mazda RX7 Forum

RX-7 have magical triangles which are good high rpm, smooth, light and bad. The RX-8's handling fb rx7 daily phenomenal, but what really separates it from other cars is how controllable it is, how forgiving the suspension is, and how much it communicates. It flatters a medium skill driver and allows the driver to have incredible control.

It's immensely tossable. Reviews of fb rx7 daily RX-8 have been positive, but few have aptly described the way it handles. In one article I recall it being called "balletic grace". The FC had good feel and control, but it's not as good as the RX-8s. It is available in purple with very wide fenders flares and four-spoke real rider wheels very similar to Work Equip 01 wheels. Yet, the FC seems to be less fb rx7 daily among model manufacturers. I did a similar thing Over a couple of months I averaged 23 mpg and my car was an Elford turbo which, surprisingly, is slightly more economical than a stock car if you can keep it off boost as it's only fueling through a single SU carb.

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I just drove the car. I knew the car was good, but the automatic transmission completely let it down. Is it true that my ISP fb rx7 daily spying on my web browsing?


Does DuckDuckGo fix that? Updated Jun 10, The one bonus it has, is that people will literally give you whole FBs as parts cars.

This 700-Horsepower Mazda RX7 Is Your Daily Dose of Rotary

I would look at a Miata or an FC, maybe you have not been around a well maintained Miata. I miss my FC, I should have never sold it -o. I fb rx7 daily an acquaintance with a 13B-T Turbo FC motor in an SA22, fb rx7 daily thing is fast as shit and loves boost like a heroin addict, unless you are lucky and can find a cheap 12A Turbo for cheap. How we feel about our means of transportation is more often than not what shapes our memory of the experience.

When air travel first reached the masses, every flight was something fb rx7 daily, just as riding in a car was front page news in the early 20th century, and taking a train was in the century prior to that. Almost all my cars have RB headers and exhaust because when an old exhaust wears out, the RB components bolt on easily, and are cheaper than a custom stainless exhaust. I think the stock ignition and transmission are reasonably good and adequate for a daily driver. In almost 30 years I've only "broken" 2 transmissions in street use lost 5th gearand only had two igniters fail in ignition systems.

Replace all the belts and hoses, keep the fluids changed, etc.

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I take my withmiles on the original 13B--on an mile round trip a couple fb rx7 daily a month, and don't think twice about it. One caution, all rotaries smell, especially relative to the exhaust of new cars.My GSLSE has done some time as daily driver, and it did a pretty good job, especially when A stock FB can get up to 24 mpg on the highway. Hi, Would any of you trust one of these as your only car and daily driver?

Much rather would have the FB instead of my RAV4 and Spark.

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