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Firebird Delphi. General questions IBProvider blog [rus]. However, in versions of InterBase prior to version 6, this column would have been stored in a double precision field, which cannot supply a fixed precision value, so the metadata for this version contains a column length only 8 in the case of a double precision fieldrather than the precision value. easysoft odbc interbase

The Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver will convert the length value into a precision value, but in this easysoft odbc interbase it would not be a 10, but an 18, this being the maximum precision that could be stored in the field. In most cases the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver will attempt to determine if the metadata contains a precision value without help, but there are some InterBase version 6 databases that do not have the precision value. Whether stored procedures should be called by using a Select or an Execute statement. Featured on Meta.

Interbase connection strings -

Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now easysoft odbc interbase longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. The article given here tells how to work with Firebird in. Net Data Provider.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide - Glossary

easysoft odbc interbase All rights reserved. The Easysoft license responder puts an attachment in its easysoft odbc interbase emails that allows Windows users to activate their licenses with a double-click. If you read your email in Windows, this attachment will be visible but it will not work for licensing Unix versions of the software.

If you need further information about licensing, please refer easysoft odbc interbase the Licensing Guide. The exact command you need to use to set and export an environment variable depends on your shell and the variable that needs to be set depends on the run-time linker used on your Unix platform. Refer to the platform documentation for your current shell and ld 1dlopen or ld. Close down all client programs attached to your service. If a message is displayed about a reduced usage count, repeat this step until odbcinst states that the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver has been removed.

All rights reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. If you are not using any other Easysoft software then you may remove the path to the common Easysoft shared objects:.

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If you are no longer using unixODBC then you can also remove the reference:. Finally, remove the software from your system's hard drive. The system displays the current directory. Be very careful issuing the rm easysoft odbc interbase command as root.


Normally rmdir will not remove directories that contain files, but rm -r will remove all subdirectories along with easysoft odbc interbase contents. The system may ask you to confirm deletion for some files. The Easysoft driver was indeed excellent, easy and reliable.


Having Firebird and InterBase databases as the examples, there are some tips that can help choosing the access provider. Both technologies are designed by Microsoft.

Why do I keep getting data truncated errors in my Perl? General - Licensing Easysoft odbc interbase happens to my licenses when I uninstall the product? E-mail this to: Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: 0 of 1, characters Submit cancel. Default character sets may be configured and easysoft odbc interbase conversions are done transparently and automatically.

Note that although this ensures that transactions are restarted, the visibility of altered rows in other connections can be affected. Controls the schema data returned from metadata calls. This option alters the way the driver returns schema information in the metadata call, and is used in conjunction with the With Schema option. And for those easysoft odbc interbase that do not support the use of a schema, a NULL should be returned in those fields. You can easysoft odbc interbase these as long as you are sure you are in the correct directory.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide - Configuration

If you have no other Easysoft products on your system and you are not using any copy of unixODBC that may be in this directory, then you can delete the easysoft directory too. If there are other files in the directory tree i. After uninstalling the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver, unless you have deleted this file, you will not easysoft odbc interbase to relicense the product when you reinstall or upgrade. All rights reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft.

Completely Uninstall and Remove Easysoft-ODBC-Interbase-Driver

NB Select the highest release available for your platform within your licensed major.If you're looking for a great ODBC driver for the freely available Interbase RDBMS ? Then look no further. Our fast and easysoft odbc interbase stable InterBase ODBC driver lets.


The Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver uses the InterBase client to connect to InterBase. The InterBase client is installed by executing the InterBase database.

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