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You can also print pretty looking reports of the disk contents. Just within easydisk past easydisk minutes, I have found some old scanned photos I had completely forgotten I had.

Portable Flash USB Storage: EasyDisk

Let me thank EasyDisk for making the review possible. Visit the newly renovated www. Tracy King easydisk When the C drive is out of space, most people have to delete an adjacent partition easydisk to C drive and use Disk Manageme…. There are glue drops on the CD itself, and the thin, cheap cardboard that it's printed on is completely sub-standard.

It's not worth a dime. I ordered CDs to be easydisk by this company.


In my first attempt to get some recourse with this company, they suggested easydisk I try a minimum of 10 discs in 3 different players, and so I did. One of the Sony players was consistently jumping the first notes of the tracks on all discs, so I made the assumption that that player had some kind of issue and threw its results out.

The truck's player and the other Sony player played some discs, and would not play others, and they agreed across the board as to which ones they would play and which they would not. In the end, out of the first easydisk discs 4 would not play! When some discs will play in a given player while others will not, it points to an inconsistency of some sort in the manufactured product. Whether it was some kind of coding error on the part of one of their duplication machines or, perhaps more likely, a quality control issue in the blank media, one way or another they have no problem with the fact that they have delivered me a high percentage of unplayable product.

In contacting EasyDisc, from the very first moment they took a confrontational stance and, unbelievably, began talking over me and citing obscure "warnings" that lie buried in their FAQ section on their website. Having only ordered discs thank God! I sent them a movie of the CDs not playing, and they brazenly continued to deny any responsibility and to make any effort to either give me some kind of partial refund or replace the bad discs, as any decent business would do. And, to add insult to injury, I am left with the unplayable discs simply as garbage that I have to eat the easydisk on. They have easydisk elusive in my efforts to contact them and even once gave me a fake name of the person I had spoken with! Their promises of contact within 48 hours from their "issues department" have never once happened, and only when I have repeatedly called them, talking to three different people, all of whom were unable to help me at best and highly argumentative at worst, have I been able to get anywhere at all.


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Easy Disk - Soft Frisbee

Why EasyDisc? Option 2 Upload Design - Upload your print ready artworks. Easydisk 5 Checkout Page.

easydisk Step 6 After checking out you will be directed to upload your content. Disc Face Templates. How to use EaseUS easy disk drive repair software to repair disk errors EaseUS partition software is a popular disk management tool that used by millions of users to deal with easydisk disk-related jobs. The Easy Disk innovation allows for hours of nonstop fun featuring its soft lightweight and durable material.


It's interesting that yet a month ago it wasn't even heard of, and now almost all "fresh" boards can boot from a USB drive, a easydisk drive, a ZIP drive etc. The bootable flash drive can be created with the Media Format program as well, but it depends on an OS. The flash drive will get all files these systems usually record on a system diskette.

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So, if you use the Win 9x, you can throw away you floppy drive : Easydisk operation is a bit more difficult under the XP or you can't tick this item off. This folder uses the same software as used with the zip folder as mentioned above. To view or send files to that folder you will be greeted by the password prompt this again helps to make the device secure. SB sinister. A security program allows you to password-protect some or all of your data.We offer the best deals in CD/DVD duplication, printing, pressing, manufacturing, CD replication services & more at affordable prices. Call us at We offer cheap CD duplication services in full color custom printing Eco Jackets.

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