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While scanning it happens every now and then that the software totally crashes. But it doesn't crash with an error message or demands restarting coolscan 5000 ed computer - no, it simply quits itself with the motto "I don't feel like scanning today. Let's try again tomorrow Another shortcoming is that sometimes the communication with the scanner doesn't work anymore - the software then messages that no scanner is connected. It's annoying when suddenly the progress bar stands still in the middle of the scan process and nothing happens for a couple of minutes. Another drawback of the NikonScan software is enormously annoying: when using the Nikon Super Coolscan ED together with the slide feeder SF the maximum number of slides you can set is But what if you want to digitise a whole slide magazine with exactly images at once in batch mode?

It's clear that you can't put slides into the feeder at once. But it's no problem to keep supplies coming during the scan process, so that the scanner virtually runs non-stop. This actually coolscan 5000 ed perfectly, but after 99 slides the scanner stops. It's annoying everytime you have to manually scan exactly one leftover image.

The scan software is very clearly arranged and easy to learn. The settings for a good scan can be adjusted easily and intuitively. And last but not least the scan software delivers very good images and really makes the best out of the connected scanner. For me NikonScan still is the best film scanner manufacturer own scan software. Appendix The scan software NikonScan from Nikon does not run on actual operating coolscan 5000 ed any more. How can the image quality of a Nikon Super Coolscan be actually judged? Should we scan maybe 10 standardized test slides with resolution bar, colour patterns and coolscan 5000 ed scales to check to what extent the scans match the original? With such experiments you can indeed determine certain numerical values, but you often can't use them to find out what an image will look like.


Maybe it's better to simply scan different images to make a conclusion by coolscan 5000 ed of thumb. Or should we just assume the Nikon scans normal snap shots perfectly and fade to discerning originals like night shots or back light shots?


A good image is first of all made by a good film scanner, second by the scan software and third by the following image editing. It's clear that you can't fix too much with the image editing software coolscan 5000 ed already the first link of this chain is weak. The second link of the chain is also very important - and often overlooked: the scan software.

Nikon film scanner Super CoolScan 5000 ED

A scan of an underexposed image though will be too dark as well if scanned with the standard settings. Please coolscan 5000 ed a valid price range. Buying Format see all.

All Listings 17, All rights reserved. Price Calculator How much are different Coolscan 5000 ed versions for your scanner? Supported Operating Systems Supported Features. The images are automatically numbered serially, for example ImageNew scanner Nikkor Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass lens.

Nikon LS ED / Super Coolscan ED - for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Proprietary LED illumination technology. Amazingly fast second scanning. Coolscan 5000 ed. Nikon's Super Coolscan ED film scanner offers 4, dpi true optical resolution and A/D conversion at 16 bits, for superior-quality digital images.

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