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Click the Mailbox link for the Tree.

Academic Affairs

Click the Change link for the Mailbox node. In the Mailbox box type the mailbox number of the Fax On Callpilot fax printer mailbox. From the Destination list box select where you want callers to go after they access the Fax On Demand mailbox: 8 Previous: returns the caller to the Previous menu Home: returns the caller to the Home node Voice Prompt Disconnect: disconnects the call. Click Close.

If a caller cannot retrieve a fax message from a Fax On Demand mailbox: verify that the mailbox is a Fax On Demand mailbox verify that fax messages are added to this mailbox make sure callpilot fax printer greeting tells the caller how to retrieve the fax message, including information about which call method is used if you use the two-call method, make sure that you have created a Dialing Translation Table and set the Dialing Translation parameters. If a caller cannot leave a fax message in a mailbox, ensure that the greeting tells the caller that the call must be made from a fax machine.

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A caller cannot reply or send messages to other mailboxes. A subscriber cannot reply to or callpilot fax printer messages to other mailboxes if the subscribers mailbox is full. This means that too many voice and fax messages are stored in the mailbox and the subscriber must delete old messages.

If this problem occurs frequently, assign the mailbox a different Class of Service with more mailbox space. Avaya CallPilot mailboxes are equipped with the Never Full Mailbox Feature, which allows external callers to leave voice and fax messages in a mailbox, even if the mailbox callpilot fax printer full.

The message is stored but cannot be accessed until the mailbox owner deletes at least one saved message. The Never Full Mailbox Feature is available only to external callers.

CP Desktop Faxing

Internal callers cannot leave messages if a mailbox is full. Faxes sent when the fax machine is busy are lost. If fax messages sent when the fax machine is busy are not being received: verify that a default fax extension is set up verify that a Fax Overflow mailbox is added to Callpilot fax printer. If this occurs on a local fax machine: verify that the fax machine is ready to receive and is not jammed or out of paper verify that the fax machine is connected to the system through an Analog Telephone port increase the number of retries assigned to the Fax Overflow mailbox for the fax machine. To change the number of retries, see Changing a Fax Overflow mailbox on page If this occurs on a remote fax machine: verify that you entered the correct fax number verify that callpilot fax printer are no dialing restrictions applied to the subscribers extension.


If this occurs: verify that the fax machine works verify that the fax machine is connected to the system through an Analog Telephone port increase the maximum number of retries assigned to the Fax Callpilot fax printer mailbox. If the Fax Overflow mailbox retry limit is reached for a fax message, the message is automatically sent to the General Delivery Mailbox. To callpilot fax printer this problem: verify that the fax machine is working verify that the fax machine is connected to the system through an Analog Telephone port open the General Delivery Mailbox and forward the fax messages to another fax machine. Be sure to check the General Delivery mailbox on a regular basis. This business uses CallPilot Fax to tell callers about upcoming events and let students register.


The Fax On Demand mailbox contains callpilot fax printer fax messages that are updated every month. The first fax message is a callpilot fax printer for regular and drop-in classes. The second fax message lists the current prices for each class. The third fax message is a schedule for the upcoming special events. Each of the fax messages is sent using the one-call method. This means that the caller pays for any charges incurred.

Since the Fax On Demand mailbox callpilot fax printer three fax messages, the greeting for the Fax On Demand mailbox tells callers how to get the information they want. For example: Hello.

Warranty Avaya provides a limited warranty on this product. Refer to your sales agreement to establish the terms of the limited warranty. In addition, Avaya s standard warranty language, as well as information regarding support for this product, while under warranty, is available to Avaya customers and other parties through the Avaya Support Web site: Please note that if you acquired the product from callpilot fax printer authorized reseller, the warranty is provided to you by said reseller and not by Avaya. Copyright Except where expressly stated otherwise, no use should be made of the Documentation s and Product s provided by Avaya.

Nortel Networks CallPilot Unified Messaging Solution

All content in this documentation s and the product s provided by Avaya including the selection, arrangement and design of the content is owned either by Avaya or its licensors and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws including the sui generis rights relating callpilot fax printer the protection of databases. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way any content, in whole or in part, including any code and software. Unauthorized reproduction, transmission, dissemination, storage, and or use without the express written consent of Avaya can be a criminal, as well as a civil offense under the applicable law.

Third Party Components Certain software programs or portions thereof included in the Product may contain software distributed under third party agreements "Third Party Components"which may contain terms that expand or limit rights to use certain portions of the Product "Third Party Terms".The CallPilot Fax User Guide explains how to use CallPilot Fax with your. that they must call callpilot fax printer a fax machine telephone to send you a fax message.

The extension is usually a fax machine connected to an analog telephone port When the fax machine is ready to print, CallPilot sends the stored fax messages.

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