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Looks like this is a common problem with some older HPE servers.

Well, they should take care of this immediately or you should get a refund Full HD resolution is considered to be a necessity for the up-to-date video standard, so manufacturers acpi power meter not only PC monitors but also other devices, such as smart phones, mobile gadgets, etc. Still, progress marvels us with a new development: more advanced WQHD resolution of x is gradually integrated into acpi power meter monitors. Ubuntu Community Ask!

Kernel ACPI Error SMBus/IPMI/GenericSerialBus ServerAdminBlog

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Account Options Sign in. Wong Hi, Darrick, great job. Wong Hi Acpi power meter, On the system you are planning to run this on The ACPI spec is silent on this matter. So it is one-shot? Architectural MSRs also do not change across different product segments.

Re: ACPI power meter driver?

This is critical acpi power meter maintaining forward and backward compatibility with the various software components utilized in power management. After these features are configured and enabled by BIOS firmware, BIOS firmware is responsible for advertising these power states and control interface information to the operating system.


To accommodate compatibility and flexibility between different hardware and software implementations, an industry standard interface called Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ACPI is used. For example, a new hardware C-state released in can be used efficiently by an operating system released in as long as that C-state is described using ACPI. This abstraction is necessary because there can be significant differences in power state behavior between different platforms, architectures, and CPUs, even when those power states share the same name. Similarly, OS power management policies may choose not to use a power state in one product and version, but may choose to in another. The scope of ACPI goes beyond describing power states and control interfaces. Rather than a comprehensive review of ACPI capabilities, this section discusses only those key interfaces most relevant to understanding the hardware and software interaction in power management.

ACPI states are identified by a letter indicating the state type, followed by a number indicating the depth of the state. For example, S0 is system state 0 and P5 is performance state 5. Lower numbers indicate a state with more activity and higher power—the number 0 always indicates the state with the most activity, highest performance, and highest power. As a result, lower numbered and higher power states are called shallow power states acpi power meter higher numbered and lower power states are called deep power states. The description of states as shallow or deep is done to convey state transition costs, such as latency or the transitional energy needed to enter or exit a state.

During these transitions, the system is stalled or may be taking actions that will affect performance when the processor resumes execution, such as flushing caches and translation lookaside buffers TLBs. The CPU only executes instructions in the S0 state. The use of other S-states is somewhat uncommon for servers, because most servers are usually in an active state S0where they are active or ready to execute or they are powered off S5. A server in an S5 or soft off state is one that is powered off, but still plugged in. The first concerns my UPS or backup battery. When the electricity goes out in a storm or overloading a circuit my UPS supplies power that allows me to gracefully shut down my computer and not lose any files I have open. Since I have a USB cable on my UPS, it acpi power meter communicate with the computer and shut it down without me in case the electricity goes kaput.

For an unattended shut down, I prefer to use hibernate because it is fairly fast and it allows me to return to what I was doing when the electricity comes back on. Download Drivers Installer. It is seldom necessary to completely disassemble a computer. Device drivers save their device settings if changing to the low power state.

The following section takes a look at ACPI power management. When this occurs, the ACPI power management features cannot be used. The following section takes a look at APM power management.


APM power management cannot be used for desktop computers because of its limited capabilities. Windows XP Professional's support for APM power management is for providing compatibility with legacy notebook computers. If it is, Ntapm.Kernel driver power_meter ========================= Acpi power meter driver talks to ACPI power meters.


Supported systems: * Any recent system with ACPI The driver does this by using the ACPI PMI objects. The platform exposes this information by using the ACPI Power Metering objects.

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