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Also I recognize myself in many posts above.

PCjs: Q ISAM Benchmark of PDS Versus , FoxPro, and Btrieve

For sure VFP will survive until probably. Not sure for 20 years from now on but for 9 years I hope. I am repeating myself here as I said in a post above : Ms Granor Tamar said that VFP will still work for at least 10 years from a very good news and I hope it will be true. All the academies all over the world had taken out from their courses dBase all versions. Only somewhere in India, Pakistan and China they are studying as an appendix technique, but very little. The new age programmers know only Microsoft foxpro isam. Net and Java. Hi, Meantime the link below regarding the next 10 years life of VFP9 was removed by the author from tomorrowssolutionsllc. So the link below is microsoft foxpro isam longer available. Apologies for this error. Fun reading all the posts!

I too love the Fox! I have a VFP 9 desktop app microsoft foxpro isam at this juncture is huge. These days, I work for myself Developing, Selling and Supporting the product.


I truly love the work, and using VFP. Thank you Jim! I do worry about the future. However, I am working on a couple of smaller apps microsoft foxpro isam I hope to finish out my career with, and that hopefully will also give me something to tinker with in retirement, as well as a little extra income. I could also move them to a non-Windows platform fairly easily. Honestly, I love Windows too. I have always loved Windows, from the time I first installed version 3. Over the past few years, I took a pretty hard look at Linux. I still prefer Windows. Yeah, I saw a few jaws drop from co-workers.

I would like to add microsoft foxpro isam name to the list of loyal customers and ask Microsoft to release VFP 10, or open source the product. Maybe VFP is not strategic to Microsoft, but it certainly is to many developers like myself and our customers. Thanks to everyone in the VFP Community!


Visual Foxpro lovers are still in action. There is a free tool has been developed for running the same desktop application of VFP with guided minor changes on web. Microsoft foxpro isam it not amazing!

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  • Could not find installable ISAM
  • Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
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  • Could not find installable ISAM
  • Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

Link is here : foxincloud. Waqar Hasan Khan. Developing any complete database related application in quickest time and smallest budget is not well circulated in microsoft foxpro isam.

It needs to be circulated. They bought it, owned it, and then promptly threw it away.

Microsoft is NOT a technology company at all. It is strictly a marketing company with industrialist ideologies of the turn of the 20th century.

Visual FoxPro - Wikipedia

VFP had one asset that put it far above all others in -any- data processing platform: dynamic composite indexing. Powerful they are and remain. You pay for it. VFP 3 was somewhat buggy and it must have taken a lot of work to finally get to version 6, which microsoft foxpro isam much more reliable.

Setting Up the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

I think another issue for Microsoft was that whereas VFP was initially included with. NET, the whole idea of. Just a point of view.

Every developer and every client will delay as much as possible the moment of changing VFP app with.The Microsoft Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver enables applications to open, query, and update microsoft foxpro isam in Visual FoxPro and earlier versions of. Access requires that you use the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver. Access 97 uses an ISAM driver.

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