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Full text of "HP Color LaserJet mfp Service Manual"

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How does HP install software and gather data? In the case of the G filter, the filter lets through light of wavelengths falling within a and hp laserjet p006 and blocks out light of wavelengths falling within b figure Sensor color correction measurement The following computations are made so as to correct the actual characteristics callout 1 and bring them closer to the ideal characteristics callout 2. To correct the image signal, the background cancellation block sets aside background data or correction of the image signal, preventing fogging and improving the level of reproduction. The pixels are identified as representing the background of an original if the level of each frequently appearing R, G, and B signal is or higher figure During spatial filter processing, the copy module performs computations to generate images which are sharp or soft according to the combination of printing modes selected on the control panel, or the sharpness setting on the control panel.

If image data as shown in figure 1 04 on page 21 5 is input and "lower sharpness" is selected, the output level will be as shown in figure 1 05 on page With the "lower sharpness" setting, the variations in density of an image are evened out to produce a soft image. In "higher sharpness," the contrast of an image hp laserjet p006 emphasized to produce a crisp image. Input level White White Figure After chromatic identification, the copy module generates the KMJ signal in the form of a 1 -bit black text identification signal using logical integration on the results of computation on the achromatic KRO signal, and the MJ signal.

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However, the density perceived when looking at an original does not necessarily have hp laserjet p006 characteristics. Figure shows the relationship between the density of an original perceived by the eye and the output of the CCD.


Original density compared to CCD output To correct the discrepancy, the copy module performs a level conversion as shown in figure Output level Figure However, since no toner possesses pure chromatic absorption characteristics, mixing the three colors as in YMC conversion in equal parts will not produce hp laserjet p006 pure black. In this block, the Bk signal is generated using the Y, M, and C signals. Text characters signal for the addition of Bk to the Y, M, and C signals, with the aim of improving black reproduction. Bk signal The gray component on the figure is removed, and is replaced with the Bk signal.

HP LaserJet P1006 Printer

This processing is performed for each pixel. In reality, however, no toner possesses chromatic absorption characteristics as depicted in figure In general, Y toner possesses good absorption characteristics: however, M toner is affected by B components, while C toner is hp laserjet p006 by G and B components see circled areas.

In other words, M toner has a chromatic reproduction quality that includes Y components, while C toner has a chromatic reproduction quality that includes M and Y components. Chromatic absorption characteristics If Y and M toners were mixed in an attempt to reproduce red, therefore, the Y component of the M toner would cause the hp laserjet p006 to have a reddish tinge, requiring removal masking of the Y component from the Y toner in advance. hp laserjet p006

HP Toner and Printer Supplies Picture 6 of

In this block, the excess component of each toner is corrected by hp laserjet p006 of masking. Reproduction in The scanner is moved The scanner is moved sub-scanning faster to increase the slower to decrease the direction width of scanning a single hp laserjet p006 on an original. Figure shows the image data of an original, image data in enlargement, and image data after enlargement correction.


Original 1 pixel b. Reading starts with this pixel.

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Center Shift EN Copy module 4 Mirror image When reading data for a single scan from the RAIVI, reading is started in reverse direction to create a mirror image in relation to main scanning direction. Then, hp laserjet p006 is started with the S address and, upon reaching the E address, reading is continued while returning to the S address.

A repeat image is created by repeating this operation. Image repeat Figure Slant Address In the case of black-and-white text mode item hp laserjet p006. Copy density Original density Figure Curve for items A through D Figure EN Copy density Original density Curve for black-and-white text mode Copy module Framing and blanking For framing and blanking, as many as four areas and as many as 10 points may be selected. Selected area Figure Blanking Chapter 5 - Theory of operation EN Anti-counterfeit processing The copy module is equipped with the following two functions designed to prevent counterfeiting of bank notes or securities certificates.

This identification number is not printed hp laserjet p006 the printed pages. LCD contrast adjustment The control panel is equipped with a dial to enable the user to adjust the contrast of the LCD. Figure shows the location of the fan and the air movement when the fan is turned on.Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP LaserJet P is HP's official website that will help automatically detect and. Find support and troubleshooting info including software, drivers, and manuals for your HP LaserJet P Printer.

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