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M2488 Tape drive card Settings and Configuration

Built for superior speed and reliability, the ME Track tape drive offers an easy, cost-effective way to optimize overall system performance and enhance productivity. The ME track tape drive offers high-speed data access and rapid transfer rates in a compact device-level tape drive. Fujitsu engineered this drive for optimal speed fujitsu m2488 efficiency, when moving, storing or accessing large blocks of data. Descriptor Mode Field Description Fujitsu m2488 Block ID Field Description Format Codes Diagnostic Page Codes Page 00h - Supported Diagnostic Pages Page 80h - Online Diagnostic Test Page Page 80h Field Description Parameter List Field Description Page 81h Field Description Page Code Fh Field Description Send Diagnostic Page, General Form Diagnostic Parameter List The mask ROM provides a resident code version for power-on and code download.

New code versions are downloaded into flash memory from the host SCSI interface or from tape.

After power-on, control store for all processors is loaded from flash memory if valid. If invalid, the mask ROM code is used for recovery. The fujitsu m2488 microcode is a multi-tasking operating system OS allowing a configurable number of tasks.

M Tape drive card Settings and Configuration

The present design allows a total of thirty two active tasks; four fixed tasks and twenty-eight SCSI tasks. This custom OS allows functions to run until a resource is unavailable, places itself into a suspended state until the resource becomes available, and then proceeds with execution. Many overlapped operations are possible because of a sophisticated interrupt structure. Servo, formatter, maintenance, and SCSI events are signalled via interrupts which in fujitsu m2488 initiate fujitsu m2488 via the OS to service the events. A logical block diagram for the DVL is shown in Figure Other features of the MTU are described in the following sections.

This system removes the failure-prone pump and pack arm assemblies with an improved roller guide tape path. One new roller guide has been added that replaces the pack arm to keep tape aligned with the tape machine reel. Alignment of tape with fujitsu m2488 head is accomplished with two roller guides as in previous models. During running, a slight air film is produced between the head and tape which prevents direct contact. A patrol reposition function has been added that periodically moves the tape to prevent any problem when tape is not moving.

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  • The m2488 is a highly reliable compact tape unit

Fujitsu m2488 reel motor of the M has also been changed to dramatically improve tape reposition time and access times. These components have been field proven to be a stable and low cost design. The write circuits of the M use enhanced head driver ICs developed with the latest semiconductor technology.

, , e tape and 9 track tape drives Products

This technology fujitsu m2488 the integration of six write channels tracks into one chip. This fujitsu m2488 describes the messages for the M tape drive and the medium changers. If a logical unit has been identified, all pending data and status for the issuing initiator from the affected logical unit are cleared, and the target goes to the BUS FREE phase. Pending data and status for other initiators are not cleared.


No status or ending message is sent for the operation. It fujitsu m2488 not an error to issue this message to a logical unit that is not currently performing an operation for the initiator. This message forces the SCSI device to an initial state with no operations pending for any initiator.

This message does not cause the initiator to save the data pointer. CODE 01h 03h In addition, a SCSI device may initiate an SDTR message exchange whenever it is appropriate to negotiate a new data transfer agreement fujitsu m2488 synchronous or asynchronous.

Fujitsu m2488 at every selection is not recommended, since a significant performance impact is likely. This agreement only applies to data phases.

Fujitsu M2488 VCR User Manual

Byte 3: The transfer period factor times four is the value of the fujitsu m2488 period.The M User's Guide provides the information necessary for the user to This chapter fujitsu m2488 an overview of the M Cartridge Tape. The M User's Guide provides the information necessary for the user to operate the M Car- tridge Tape Drive.


Chapter 1 Introduction. This chapter.

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