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When the driver is installed according to the screen, print setting is completed. Printed image size 1. When basically printing, image size will depends on the zoomed out size on the screen If it does not print 1. Check if printer is fixed on Window. If you click on the Backup button while one image is zoomed in, you will be able to select the floppy disk drive and other drives such as HDD, CD-RW, the movable drive, and the network diginet kodicom.

This is to back up images one by one. Therefore, you can easily view images using normal image software products. However, you can back up images in the drive only diginet kodicom by one. You need to save the watermark check program only once at the beginning. To check if saved images have been altered, the watermark check program is saved in the drive as well as the corresponding image. Then, the watermark program will appear as shown above. Then, the following window will appear:. Once verification is completed windows similar to those below will appear. Corrupted image Uncorrupted image. Therefore, you can not check the data using the normal image so you have to use it with the software from the place you bought it from.

Time has to be setup before the current time. If the time was set after the present time, backup will not work when you select [OK] button. Refer to Page 91 and Wait until the processing work is done; diginet kodicom the backup after current backup and waiting data have finished their backup.

China Kodicom/Kodicom/DigiNet/DVR Card (KMC) - China DVR Card, Kodicom Card

To back up data in AVI format, it is possible to back up image diginet kodicom for each camera. It is possible to select several cameras diginet kodicom the same time and back up data in AVI format for each camera. Selection of several cameras per one time is possible, and simultaneous backup into AVI by cameras is possible. According to types of compression codecs, number of selected cameras and set backup time, AVI backup time may differ significantly.

When the basic diginet kodicom provided on Window is used, codecs of Mpeg4 Video Codec v2 over are recommended. According to diginet kodicom resolution of saved video data, resolutions of AVI files into which the data are backed up are as follows.


Diginet kodicom mode setup 2. Up to 16 live screens can be viewed 1,4,6,9,10,13,16 or full screen mode is available diginet kodicom 4 screens by rotating You can exit from the rotation mode by clicking one channel.

KODICOM. DigiNet Center User Guide. DigiNet

Each control could be controlled manually if button is pressed. Secret number is not installed when product is diginet kodicom.

It can display up to 16 live screens. Zooming in and out is applicable to diginet kodicom one camera. Multiple image zooming is not possible so stop playing multiple images but just select one channel to zoom.

When you click on this button on the left, following backup window diginet kodicom appear. Then Data Backup window will appear.

Kodicom dvr software download

You can only choose [Floppy backup] when you have selected backup button when one of the screens is zoomed diginet kodicom while searching. Select [Floppy backup] from the above Data Backup window and click Ok.


Then diginet kodicom watermark checker copy window will appear. If you click Yes for the selected image, Watermark check program will backup to a Floppy Diskette.

Kodicom & Diginet

You can backup the single images as many as you want on a floppy disk, however, you only need to store the watermark check program once.New DigiNet software is avalible for download. Visit our Software Diginet kodicom for more information. Diginet Download includes new drivers, Diginet kodicom and Server. NOTE: Activation key is required for software use.

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The key can be purchased at the end of the download for a new low price of $ (Updated April 6th ).

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