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Slot 1 has Mica Carrier card. Modem Firmware Firmware.

Module Numbers Rev Filename. Slot 2 has Mica Carrier card.

Cisco AS5300 Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation (MICA) Modem Module

Mica Boardware Version : 1. Mica Portware Version : 2. Firmware files on System Flash:. Firmware-file Version Firmware-Type. I presume scripting in the Generic Modem type can pass the routing and authentication, I'd be happy at this stage if I could dial just one station though the to prove the concept, then we can look at establishing LNAdmin as a service using multiple cisco mica modem and all of the voice stations Perl I'd guess, Net::Telnet. It seems the Generic modem option is what you need and from what you have said it should work if you can work out the commands to send and the necessary delays. Hence, the carrier card in slot 1 is now in slot 2 and vice versa.

If the symptom continues, then the problem could be due to the carrier card cisco mica modem all the modem modules in it. If the problem remains with the particular slot, then the issue is a chassis or slot failure. Replace the chassis. The modem code is currently downloading to the 56K modems.


The first download will continue without cisco mica modem, and the second download is aborted. The modem code cannot be downloaded to the specified modem. Use the show modem command to verify that you are downloading to a supported 56K modem. The specified modem is held in reset mode.

dcr-hc62 usbTable Of Contents
lg ax300 usbMICA and NextPort Modem Tech-Support Command Additions

The portware will not download to this modem. Take the modem out of reset mode, then copy the portware again. Reissue the cisco mica modem tftp flash command and copy the portware file again. Download this chapter.

Each board has 8 Modules for a total of 48 modems per board. Regardless of cisco mica modem, all products must be packaged appropriately so as not to incur physical damage during return shipping. Check whether the show modem command output obtained earlier contains any modems in the b busyB Bad or p pending download states. Reflash the modem portware. This involves cisco mica modem reloading the modem firmware to the modem just as if you were upgrading firmware. This transfers the modem firmware in flash to the modems. To get updated information regarding platform support for this feature, access Cisco Feature Navigator.

The output of the show diag command looks similar to the following:. Each digital modem module can hold up to five banks of MICA modules, numbered 0 to 4 from left to right as viewed from the rear of the router. The digital modem network modules significantly enhance the dial access flexibility and scalability of the Cisco platform series.

Cisco MICA Plug-in card Modem (analog / digital) Specs - CNET

Post a comment Name Call entries can also be retained in memory for minutes 0 to minutes; the default is Platform Support The table below lists the different platforms and the Cisco IOS software versions which support the network modules. A received message is shorter than the minimum defined length cisco mica modem that message type. This includes the FI major frame typeand negotiate, sync or control class sub-type. A cisco mica modem frame was received with an unknown or unimplemented ID for its class. Note that continuous and user frames are unimplemented, and that there are no known notification frames. Either the parameters were unacceptable, or the initiator detected a NAK Negative Acknowledgment response. Either the parameters were unacceptable, or the initiator detected a Nak response.

This disconnection reason no cisco mica modem indicates receipt of a DataLinkRelease request frame. It now indicates a disconnect without a disconnect reason previously being generated.

This means that MICA is disconnecting a call, but finds that no reason has been posted.AS Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation (MICA) Modem Module: Access product specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and. MICA and NextPort Modem Tech-Support Command Additions The commands show tech-support modem (for the Cisco AS and AS access cisco mica modem.

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