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To prevent instant alarms on interior points when leaving the building, then configure those points with a Point Index with P Type of Interior Follower. When the bosch securcomm modem panel is Part On, only interior points activate the watch tone when Watch Mode is turned on.

Bosch Security ( Cctv ) Systems Inc.

Part On points still report as alarms or troubles. Yes: When the area is disarmed, Watch Mode is turned on automatically. No: When the area is disarmed, Watch Mode must be turned bosch securcomm modem or off manually.

This allows the control panel to re-check alarm verification point activations before generating alarm signals. Alarm verification is a feature of fire detection and alarm systems to reduce false alarms where sensors report alarm conditions for a minimum period of time, or confirm alarm conditions within a given period of time after being reset, in order bosch securcomm modem be accepted as a valid alarm initiation signal.

Bosch MODEM-KIT-2400B DL-110 Securcomm Modem

Check the sensor's datasheet for the stabilization time and enter a value at least 5 seconds bosch securcomm modem than the longest time specified by any sensor in the loop. Alarm verification points are programmed individually to activate the verification feature. Refer to Point Index. Any resettable fire point can activate alarm verification for the area to which it is assigned. bosch securcomm modem

Bosch recommends using separate area alarm verification outputs. When an alarm verification point is faulted, the control panel automatically removes power from all bosch securcomm modem points connected to the areas Reset Sensors output.


Power is removed for 4. Whenever a sensor reset is performed manually from the keypad or automatically as part of the alarm verification processthe control panel ignores alarm or trouble conditions from the resettable points for the amount of time programmed in Restart Time. After Restart Time has expired, a 65 second confirmation window begins. If the alarm verification point is still in alarm, or faults again during the confirmation window, or if a different alarm verification point in the area faults, an alarm bosch securcomm modem generated.

Verify Time begins.

Any alarm during this period will be bosch securcomm modem. The sequence is re-initiated the next time an alarm verification point is faulted. See Duress Type an explanation of Duress. Yes: Enable Duress alarm for this area. No: Disable Duress alarm for this area.

bosch securcomm modem Boundaries are defined in terms of bosch securcomm modem an area can be armed while a user is in another area, whether an area automatically arms when another area is armed, or whether an area requires other areas be armed before it is armed. Regular Will arm or disarm as an independent area.

Bosch Security ( Cctv ) Systems Inc.

Master Will not allow arming for this area unless all Associate areas with the same A Acct Number are all on exit delay arming or All On. Check Area displays if the Associate areas have not yet been armed. A Bosch securcomm modem area can be disarmed regardless of the armed state of the other areas in the account.


Multiple Master areas can be programmed in a single account. If there is a Shared area within the same account, it begins its Exit Delay after bosch securcomm modem Associate areas are armed. Associate Will allow arming and disarming regardless of the armed state of the other areas with the same A Acct Number.


This type of area is used with a Master Area and is associated by having the same account number. To schedule the arming of a Master area, two Sked Functions must be configured to execute in sequence. The first sked must arm all Associate areas, bosch securcomm modem the second must arm the Master area s. Keypads assigned to Associate areas, when used in conjunction with Shared areas, should have the KP Scope programmed to encompass the Shared Area. As soon as the last Associate area is armed, the Shared area begins its arming sequence automatically.

Shared Program Entry Guide bosch securcomm modem To allow faulted points to be displayed at associated areas, the shared and associate areas must share the same account number. Disarming a Shared Area Shared areas automatically disarm when any Associate area in the panel is disarmed. Associate area Keypads can display faults from Shared areas as long as the Shared areas fall within the scope of the Associate area.Ensure that the init bosch securcomm modem in RPS is correctly configured for the control panel and the SecurComm modem. For more information, refer to the. Intrusion Alarm Systems MODEM‑KIT‑B DL‑ Securcomm Modem.

MODEM‑KIT‑B DL‑ Securcomm. Modem Ordering.

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