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On another subject. I just picked up a used lap top the screen is white while I try to boot up, I can see my hd drive working as the green light is blinking while it loading data but the screen doesnt show anything. Any ideas about this issue? Averatec 6200 series the latest drivers. Trying to find out what the difference outside of socket type between and Am very curious if the aka MS-M bios works on it. Thanks for the web sites, but can you comment on the white screen that I posted with the driver request?

M bios does not work with board. Bricked the bios which is fine. I have a dead …. Will keep status posted.


Reply for Ken Try changing the ram, because the video uses the ram averatec 6200 series. There is also a power cable that runs from the power board on the side of the case to the motherboard, mine was faulty and all i got was the white screen, replaced the cable all fixed. Also installed 1 gig of ram and the whole thing works better.


Just verified tht the total system works by hooking the lap to a remote monitor. I,ll check the power cable to the screen and let you averatec 6200 series what happened…Thanks again. ChrisH…was the cable from the left side as you face the screen or the right side adjasent to the turn on button?

Fixed with bad bios. Had to clear cmos as well as reprogram the old bios. I have the image if anyone wants it for keepsake.

Hello, I have a msi M which is the same model that the averatec and I have a problem of supply. I wanted to change the connector DC Power and I made a short circuit. The computer ignites no more. I would like averatec 6200 series know if there was a fuse on the small board card or on the motherboard.

AVERATEC Series User Manual 93 pages

Is the processor running much cooler as a result of is,s difference,s? No computer left the factory designed to have the fan running all the time. It is more likely to be something else. There may be some program running in the background that is keeping the CPU busy which will cause it to heat up and need the fan running. If the fan does not run continuously in Safe Mode, then there is a program running averatec 6200 series normal mode that is keeping the CPU running and causing the fan to run. Restart the system normally and run Task Manager again as above and see if you cna find the problem program. This is very common in systems more than two years old. With the power off and the computer unplugged, Stick a small screwdriver or straightened paper clip into the fan vent slots to prevent the fan from turning.

Averatec 6200 Mobile Theatre Notebook Released (pics, specs)

If you have access to an air compressor ,use it to blow the exhaust slots out. DO NOT let the fan freewheel as it is bad for the bearings! A can of compressed air or the output of a vacuum cleaner the is less effective but worth a try if that is all you have. In this mode, watching a movie or listening to music is controlled by an infrared remote control, which conveniently fits inside the PC card slot. Additional information or compatibility requests: All of our items are listed with all of the identifying information we have about the item.

If a listing does averatec 6200 series have the Make, Model, Brand, or Part Number it is because we do not have that information. Depending on the year or revision of your device certain parts might not be compatible replacements even if they are from the same model laptop.

Averatec 6200 series offer Fast Free Shipping on all of our domestic items! If you purchase more than one item in the same day, we will do our best to ship the items together. International Shipping.View full Averatec specs on CNET.

Averatec Mobile Theatre Laptop Review (pics, specs)

XP Home Edition. Notebook averatec 6200 series. Mid -size laptops ( lbs.) Manufacturer. Averatec Graphics Processor Series. Averatec's Web site claims that the series laptop is "the world's largest personal DVD player combined with a fully featured notebook.

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